Traveling on a plane with the kids this summer? Here is how to prepare

Traveling with kids is never easy. But at least for those of us that have done it before, we know what to expect and prepare accordingly. 

For those parents that have never been a plane with their child(s), it can be pretty stressful. It is not like they give lessons on this sort of stuff before you go home from the hospital. 

Don't worry. We have you covered. 

We've embedded an infographic with tips and advice to help while traveling with your young one or ones. 

Oh, and one last thing that the infographic doesn't mention that we'd like to bring up. Have lots of patiences. 





Annual Physicals - Scheduling Them Now

School is not quite over yet. But we've begun to schedule school physical appointments for the summer months.

Keep in mind that many camps require physicals as well. And if you child is participating in sports this summer, they may also require a a sports physical.

But more important, here at Salud Pediatrics, we believe that yearly wellness examinations are an important part of what we do.

During these visits, providers have the opportunity to do a complete head-to-toe health exam that may not be possible during acute type visits.

Give us a call: 847-854-9402 

You can change it later if you want. But put it on the books and we will give you a call the day before to remind you.


Form And Letter - New Policy

In the past, as a courtesy, we've filled out all requested forms as well as written letters on your behalf.

Recently, more of you are requiring us to fill out forms and write letters. This recent influx has disrupted our ability to provide the consistent level of service that we strive for. Providers and their staff are spending many hours fulfilling these requests; which take time away from patient care.

As a result, we felt the need to put in place a policy to address this issue. Starting this new year (2013), we will be charging for forms that were NOT requested during your child's office visit.

We will continue to fill out school, sports and camp forms, asthma medication school forms and others during your child's office visit free of charge if the request is made at the time of your child’s visit.

However, if a request to complete a form occurs after your child’s visit, a charge will apply.

There will also be a charge if you require a provider or a staff member to draw up a specific letter.

Unfortunately, a fee will be applied regardless if the request is made during or after the appointment due to the time it requires to prepare such a letter.

As always, we want to thank you for entrusting to us the care of your child. We view our relationship as a partnership to help your child reach his or her full healthcare potential.


Your Child Is Growing - So Are We: Hiring a Patient Ambassador

We have a position open in our practice that we are looking to hire. The position we are looking for is: Patient Ambassador. 

The patient ambassador is a patient centered staff member that helps callers to our medical practice make appointments, answer questions, direct calls to the appropriate department, document messages and relay information to callers among other things. 

Candidate must have excellent phone etiquette, good communication skills, proficiency in multi-tasking, and MUST speak fluent Spanish. 

Proficiency with computers, typing, and proper grammar are also essential to the role. 

To apply, please send your resume to spediatrics <at> with the subject line “Patient Ambassador.”

The position is a full-time position, with alternating Saturday hours (ie. work every other Saturday).



Dental Health For Children InfoGraphic

We encourage parents early on to have their children seen by a pediatric dentist. This awesome infographic provides some great tips to make sure your kids have strong healthy teeth.